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Treat your family to a sophisticated lifestyle in this luxurious oasis


Located 10 miles Northwest of Boston is the upscale town of Arlington, Massachusetts. Its vibrant, historic neighborhood attracts families and tourists alike as it marries a hip, urban-suburban lifestyle to the lush outdoors for nature lovers and active adventurers. Arlington boasts of ribbon-like river streams and green pockets of parklands, resembling a luxurious oasis away from the city. Surrounded by Alewife Brook, Mystic River, Spy Pond, and the famous Mystic Lakes, Arlington is nothing short of majestic views and a sophisticated, family-friendly lifestyle. 


Arlington has a bustling food and culture scene with a variety of global and local cuisines, retail shops, and entertainment activities for every member of the family. On weekends, the Farmer’s Market promotes fresh produce and other products from local businesses, providing a chance for residents to relax, connect and support their own. 



What to Love 

  • Mystic Lakes sunbathing, swimming, and other water activities
  • Shopping at Henry Bear’s Park, an independent toy store known for the best selection of toys and games for kids and kids-at-heart
  • Treating yourself with handcrafted cookies from Cookie Time Bakery 
  • Date night at Scutra

Local Lifestyle

Arlington brings together people with a welcoming sense of community and safety. The stylish, hip environment provides a place for inspiration and support where creativity and long-lasting relationships can flourish. With numerous choices for indoor and outdoor activities, residents and guests can look forward to new adventures every day. 



Dining, Entertainment & Shopping 

Experience the best in fine dining, world-class entertainment, and luxury fashion in Arlington’s premium shopping centers. Global and local cuisines offer signature dishes and pop culture favorites to satisfy the cravings of any discerning palate. Explore culture through food without leaving Arlington, starting with Toraya, a sophisticated Japanese spot serving the freshest catch of the day, teriyaki, sake, and imported Japanese beer. 


On Taco Tuesdays, Acitron Cocina Mexicana is the best place to visit. This casual restaurant is known for its delicious Mexican dishes. Try their fish tacos and elote and wash it down with Mezcalini for an authentic dining experience. 


Along Summer Street is Scutra, an upscale restaurant that has made a name in Arlington since 2002. Known for its modern take on European and American cuisine, Scutra is the go-to place to celebrate special occasions. The menu often changes due to the seasonality of produce and goods, but Scutra’s Chianti Short Rib Ravioli, their signature dish, is always a hit and has constantly received positive reviews.


For intimate concerts or box-office movie nights, there are entertainment centers available around town. Something worth visiting is the Regent Theatre, a historic vaudeville house, a 500-seat theater, which features live performances, film showings, and more. 



Things to Do

The Minuteman Bikeway is a popular 10-mile stretch of outdoor trail, perfect for jogging and biking. It runs from Bedford to Alewife Station, traversing across Arlington and the nearby town, Lexington. Aside from beautiful outdoor views, it has interesting stops such as the Alewife Brook Reservation, the Cyrus Dallin Art Museum, and the Spy Pond and connects with other bike paths that are worth exploring.  


The Mystic Lakes is fun any time of the year for various outdoor activities. In the summer, residents gather to swim, row, and sunbathe during the day, while the winter reveals picturesque powdery snow landscapes. 


Start or reminisce about family traditions at Henry Bear’s Park, a 40-year-old neighborhood toy store that encourages kids and kids-at-heart to “unplug and play”. It offers toys, board games, books, and puzzles not only for gifting but also for all ages to enjoy. With a wide selection of items, any family can find interesting activities to do while spending time together and fostering creativity and teamwork. 


For new residents, the Farmer’s Market is the best way to meet neighbors and the rest of the community. Since 1996, the weekly Farmer’s Market invites vendors that sell a good selection of fresh fish, vegetables, artisanal bread, and other homemade goods that elevate any recipe. 




The Arlington Public School District aims to provide students with academic excellence and helpful skills to bring out their best potential. 


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